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Blyth Man Shed has officially opened its doors!

The Blyth Man Shed project was officially opened by Margaret Richardson the Mayor of Blyth on the 18th of September 2021. Shedders, local councillors & supporters gathered to celebrate this triumph.

Blyth Man Shed is a small community project in Blyth, Northumberland. The concept of the shed is a special community place to frequently tinker with creations, build things, dismantle things, and sometimes even fix things! The project is a whole lot more than just a shed though, it’s a friendly community, and more importantly, a place to get away from it all.

The project is primarily to address the negative impact of loneliness and isolation on people’s health & wellbeing through direct engagement with individuals from the local community. It’s well known that social exclusion can be a significant factor leading to poor mental health. The key focus and mission of the Blyth Man Shed project is to reduce the isolation & detachment experienced and not openly discussed among the general population. In doing so, the project aims to positively impact people’s mindsets, thus improving the mental and physical health of Shedders and the supporting communities and supporters involved.

Blyth Man Shed is a space for men & women to learn & share practical workshop skills with one another. The workshop is primarily woodworking but not limited to woodcrafts. Already Shedders are enjoying practicing traditional stick dressing, wood carving & woodturning crafts. If you have knowledge or even a traditional craft you wish to share with others, our shedders would love to hear about it.

A small number of Shedders have carried the project forwards this far it’s time to widen the horizon even further by inviting people to get involved. The shed is conveniently located in central Blyth to make it easy for people to access, by foot, bus, or car.  The shed is open to people from the surrounding areas, some shedders already taking part are from Seaton Delaval and Cramlington areas.

The shed environment is where members can meet and work on creative projects of their own choosing, individually or jointly with other Shedders. Special project builds are also ongoing throughout the year which often benefits the wider community including local charities, youth groups, and other local community organisations. Specialist training workshops happen often featuring demonstrations & training on new equipment.

To get involved with the Blyth Man Shed Project simply drop in to see some of the fantastic work happening in the shed and chat with friendly shedders to hear about their own stories and experiences.

The shed is open on a Wednesday evening from 6 pm until 8 pm and ad hoc Saturday mornings from 9:30 am until midday. You’ll find the shed on Brewery Street in Blyth.

To find out more about the Blyth Man Shed Project please follow shed developments on our Facebook Page and by checking out the website –

Latest News

You’re invited!

Latest News

Season’s greetings from Blyth Man Shed Committee!

It’s been a strange and testing year for us all and no less so at the shed. Whilst lockdown has been a staple for the majority of us in 2020. It has allowed a few of us to channel newfound spare time into getting the shed turned around and ready for the growing list of people interested in becoming Shedders with us.

Here is a brief update on our shed activities so far this year.

Yard and woodstore – Our yard space has been completely cleared & tidied and we now have a purpose built woodstore. When Springtime arrives next year, we plan to introduce raised planting beds across the yard ready for keen gardening Shedders to sow some magic.

Security – For those eagle eyed among you, you may have noticed a new yard gate. That’s one of the two we’ve had specially made and installed. The shed now also benefits from LED lighting, CCTV and an alarm system, meaning we now have a safe and fully secure premises for Shedders.

Indoors – Workbenches have been fitted, a toilet and small refreshment making area has also been built. And we’ll soon to be putting the finishing touches on a completely brand new professionally installed electrical system.

Environmental & Sustainability – Were extremely proud of our achievements with all things environmental & sustainable and initiatives used in the shed so far include. The repurposing of roof insulation which has allowed us to fully insulate the internal space of the shed.

Our rainwater harvesting project is now in place and running, allowing us to remain off grid for all our water needs both indoors and outside for the planned gardening area.

Solar energy capture and storage – We have installed equipment which now allows us to generate and store energy from the sun. The power we generate and store is already being used to keep all our hand power tools fully charged and ready for use.

Logs & Kindling Sales

You can now buy seasoned hardwood & softwood logs as well as kindling and eco-friendly firelighters online from Blyth Man Shed. Logs are sourced from around Northumberland & the Scottish Borders, these logs are even good enough for the Duke of Northumberland!  Keep an eye open for our “Winter Warmer” promotion, a great money saving deal which will include everything you need to keep warm and cosy this winter.

All logs & kindling can be purchased online and delivered to your door in a Covid secure way. No contact required with all profits going directly back into the shed enabling our work to continue towards preparations for opening to the local community in 2021. 


We are on the lookout for some extra volunteers to start in early 2021. We are looking to fill two volunteer positions, Delivery Driver & Social Media Manager. If you are interested in either opportunity, please get in touch by emailing us at

So, the big question is, when is the shed opening?

We know many of you are eagerly awaiting the big news. The Committee are just as desperate to get the shed open as you, but it’s important that we have all things considered and in place before Shedders come in and begin working on projects. So, for this reason we’re still a few months away from being fully operational.

Keep a close eye on our Facebook page as this is where we’ll keep you all updated on Shed news, developments and the all-important ‘opening information’ in 2021.

Keep in Touch – it’s good to talk!

Facebook Page:



WhatsApp/ Text / Telephone: 07821 536141

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Blyth Man Shed Online Shop

For now, from all of us at Blyth Man Shed we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very peaceful Christmas and a bright New Year!